Pretty Printing Trump Town

Tracking the career history of 2,724 White House staffers, cabinet members, and
political appointees through one ProPublica dataset

Following Donald J. Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States in January 2017, the new administration’s political appointments made news for several reasons. Many positions were initially left unfilled and those that were filled drew heavily from Trump’s own organizations and a small number of conservative organizations and policy think tanks, such as the Heritage Foundation.

Using Trump Town, a data set compiled by ProPublic from a number of freely available government source, this tool attempts to allow the user to better understand and unpack the public service record and career histories of 2,724 Trump Administration appointees.

Hover over timeline to see staffer's info and work history

Click on bars to select a particular staffer and view details.

Double Click on bars to follow link to staffer's LinkedIn page (if any).

Vertical grey bars on the left show staffers' federal agency affiliation

Vertical dotted lines indicate landmark events in the Trump Presidency

Large magenta dots indicate notable people in the administration

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Hover over timeline to
show career history.